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RFID Could Have Saved This Vase

- Friday, February 21, 2014

Ai Weiwei is a Chinese artist that has made a name for himself with thought provoking art. He himself has dropped many vases in protest of the Chinese government, but when someone drops one of his vases... there is a $1 million  price to pay! 

A Miami artist smashed one of Ai Weiwei's vases in an act of protest against the Miami art gallery, because it only displays international art; the vase was valued at $1 million.

This type of destruction could possibly have been prevented by using a motion activated RFID tag. If the vase was equipped with a motion activated RFID tag, it could have set off an alarm and the valuable vase could have been saved. 

To read more of the article on the vase destruction, please visit the CNN website link below. If your company or museum in utilizing RFID to help protect priceless works of art, contact Northern Apex Corporation. We have been deploying RFID solutions since 1998; we have the experience to help you protect your collection. –