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RFID to the Rescue... Literally!

- Wednesday, July 30, 2014

East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) has discovered a way to ensure that their ambulances are ready to help save lives… using RFID. Each ambulance has lifesaving equipment that needs to be inventoried, cleaned, serviced, and returned back to the ambulance it came from. This task proved daunting for EMAS, until they employed UHF RFID to help keep track of the equipment and the process. With 450 ambulances in their fleet and approximately 4,000 pieces of medical equipment, the RFID system was a ‘must have’ to make sure that each ambulances are armed with the proper equipment before they are taken to go save a life.

To read more about the RFID solution deployed for EMAS, please click on the Impinj resource link below. To find out more about using RFID for your application, please contact Northern Apex Corporation. With over 16 years of RFID experience - we can help you use RFID to improve your processes and increase profits. or 260.637.2739.

**Photo courtesy - Derby Telegraph**

Your Cell Phone Can Now Help You See Clearly

- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

EyeNetra Inc. has created an inexpensive and easy-to-use smartphone add-on device that will enable ‘untrained’ individuals to conduct eye exams. The clip-on device, named the Netra-G can virtually replace expensive autorefractors used by optometrists.

The device has been tested on two groups of children ages 11 and 14. This trial indicated that 89 percent of the children given eye exams with the Netra-G received visual acuity of 20/25; demonstrating that the device can successfully be used by non-eye care professionals. Approximately 2.4 billion people throughout the world (especially those in third world countries) are in need of an eye exam, but they cannot afford it, or live too far from the nearest optometrist. Because of this need, the initial goal for the Netra-G is to test (and when necessary get glasses for the individuals that need them) children and adults in underdeveloped areas where eye care is limited. The cost to manufacture the clip-on device is about $2, plus the cost of the app and the smart phone - making Netra-G a cost-effective solution.

To read more about Netra-G, please click on the Qmed link below.  If your company is interested in creating your own smartphone device and/or app, contact Northern Apex Corporation. We have been deploying technology solutions since 1998; we have the experience to help you achieve your goal. Contact us today... 260.637.2739 or