Art, Valuable Assets, & Memorabilia

Whether you're a private collector or manage collections for clients, there is no better way to inventory and track high value assets. Attach a tag to the item or packaging of that specific item and be able to determine almost instantly that all of your valuable assets are still safe and secure. Monitoring tags can be tied to cameras, and security systems to give you piece of mind. With small collections, we can monitor movement of your collection from room to room and with large collections, we can provide pinpoint accuracy, so you will never misplace your valuable items. Remote monitoring allows you to check your collection from anywhere using a smart phone.

painting in a museumARTiFACT TRAC™

The ARTiFACT TRAC™ family of solutions utilizes RFID technology to make many museum/art gallery, collection management/investment, and art transport companies' routine activities significantly more accurate and efficient. The ARTiFACT TRAC™ solution consists of RFID tags, readers, and software.

valuable stamp collectionValuable Assets

If you manage large personal art collections, that is a very valuable asset. When you move art pieces from one location to another it can become very difficult to keep track of all your pieces particularly when you have multiple people involved. A valuable asset tracking system from Northern Apex is just what you need to reduce misplacing valuable pieces.

autographed baseballMemorabilia

As a collector of memorabilia, one of the most difficult things to do is to keep track of where your specific items are located. If you have a vast collection, it becomes very time consuming to monitor the location of every item in your collection...