Tool Track and Tool Saver Software

Premier Tracking Solutions—Equipment, Machinery, Vehicles and Other Fixed Assets or Cost-Effective Asset Tracking for Property Managers

RFID and Barcode Tags

Radio Frequency Idenification (RFID) and Barcode Asset Tags

Choosing the right tag for your asset management is essential to achieve the desired outcome and to manage expense. If the standard FixedAssetTrack™ or PropertyTrack™ Tag is not appropriate for your purpose, our engineers will select the right tag for your application including both RFID or Barcode tags that can be applied to wood, metal, electronics and most other materials. Our system can be configured for applications using both RFID and Barcode or a hybrid system using both.


Handheld, Mobile or Portal Tag Readers

Handheld Reader: Contains a long read-range linear polarized antenna, a wider coverage circular polarization antenna or both. Also reads 1D/2D barcodes.

Portal Reader: Automatically reads any tag entering its read zone.

Mobile Data Capture Cart: Standalone unit containing software, reader antenna(s) and a touch-screen interface.


Standard Software or Customized to Fit your Needs

Choose the standard, in-the-box software, or our staff of software engineers can customize it to support the functions you need to manage your assets. Can be used as standalone for basic inventory reporting. Or integrate into your current asset management software and minimize data entry, create more detailed reports, reconcile inventory and track property daily.

Instant Asset Visibility:

  • Doorway portals let you see assets as they move from room to room
  • Dock door portals monitor asset movement through the shipping area
  • Quick Scan shows inventory assets/property in storage or in use throughout the workplace
  • “Active” RFID continuously sees asset locations and reports location information to nearby readers
  • Asset location data received from RFID scans feeds directly into your current Asset Tracking Software

Benefits of RFID for Property Management:

  • Insight into person(s) handling the assets
  • Dynamic maintenance information
  • Fewer man-hours needed to count inventory and track assets
  • Accuracy of inventory count significantly improved
  • Minimal learning curve with simple, easy to use software and equipment
  • Maintenance and repairs become trackable and can be regulated
  • Tracking available to all authorized employees, not just asset manager
  • Reduce time reconciling assets on the floor with assets on the books


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