Tracking and Accounting for Returnable Transport Items (RTI)

Track Your Returnable Assets—Where are they? Who has them? When will they be returned?

The use of reusable totes, bins, pallets, gaylords, and other containers is growing at a rapid rate as companies continue to look for ways to reduce both their expenses and environmental impact. A reusable container saves money over time, but it becomes necessary to track them to fully take advantage of this savings. Tracking prevents loss and ensures the return or the reusable containers but also creates a whole new avenue to create LEAN efficiencies and gather business data as tracking of the containers allows the tracking of the tools, parts, materials or products that they contain. Manual tracking often proves too labor intensive. By using a technology-based solution, such as RFID or barcode, manufacturers can achieve increased performance, eliminate confusion and downtime but avoid the additional labor costs that are required with manual tracking.

RFID allows you to automatically track these items throughout your manufacturing cycle. As a tote, bin or container moves through your processes it can be automatically tracked providing accurate management of mission-critical parts to keep your work flowing as well as supporting LEAN initiatives to identify bottlenecks and other problem areas in your processes. This same technology is also used to verify which containers were shipped and to whom. This data is stored in a data base so you can track where your assets are in your supply chain and also begin to mine the data for insights into your production process.


Northern Apex Container Tracking System Benefits:

Northern Apex has helped a number of companies directly impact their bottom line by tracking and accounting for their totes and containers. Contact us today to learn how this system can work for you.


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