Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries - Technology Solutions

Track and trace product batches as they age. Take inventory in moments. Increase accuracy in shipping and receiving.

Scotch whiskey barrels in the rack house during the aging process

Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries can benefit from the application of Auto-ID technology in the tracking and tracing of product as it moves throughout the facility and during the aging process. The aging process can take many years and the process of tracking different batches as they mature and are rotated out for bottling and distribution can be streamlined, simplified and made more accurate with the application of Auto-ID technology. No matter the level of tracking technology your business needs, Northern Apex has scalable hardware, software and service options to meet and exceed your demands. You get the exact tracking and ID options you need right now, with plenty of room to grow!

Product Visibility Hardware

  • Tags and readers track kegs, barrels and batches throughout brewing, distilling, aging, warehousing and shipping

Production/Asset Tracking and Reporting Software

  • Easy to use software generates real-time reports so you can monitor keg, barrel and batch location and movement

Business Systems Software Interface

  • Allows automated integration into your business systems software


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