Business Operations and Process Automation

Now more than ever today's successful companies are focusing intently on raising the bar on operational efficiency and improved profits. One of the fastest and most cost effective ways to realize rapid improvement is through real time insight of existing operations and processes. Getting a clear picture of plant floor productivity, efficiency and quality is the first and best solution to improved operational profitability.

Having the proper information and taking quick action in real time makes the difference between a company that is just surviving or really thriving. If key critical processes to an operation are identified, monitored and reacted to timely, higher profits, quality and business controls are obtained with what can be a very minimal overall investment.

Northern Apex is your best integration partner for end to end automated information solutions. By utilizing a broad range of wireless sensors and devices to monitor key plant floor operations and processes, we deliver critical information to those needing current status, alarms, trends or historical process data. Additionally, real time plant metrics displayed on centrally located information panels, routed to computer workstations, servers or cell phones provides the needed information to assure maximum productivity, quality and profit.

Northern Apex is the industry leader in bringing plant floor metrics to the enterprise front office.

Business Operation Automation Options

Manufacturing Facility

Equipment, Machinery, and Facility Visibility

Integrating easy to install wireless sensors for temperature, machine run time, motion, actuation, cycle count, alarms and many more, Northern Apex can develop an end to end solution with real benefits and real ROI. Knowing your equipment is operating at peak performance and at the correct parameters not only adds confidence but immediately adds profit to the overall operation.

People working in a factory


Production operators can be the most valuable asset you have or can create the largest drain on production efficiency. Having insight to operator presence and correct location, operating equipment at the proper times and rates and other critical labor production tasks is an absolute vital piece of process yield profitability.

Rows of boxes in a shipping department

Incoming Materials
to Finished Goods

From incoming materials to shipping your final product out the door, the location, quantity, status and product flow must be optimized. The Apex team can assist in improving inventory and material control, reducing scrap and waste and overall materials costs as it moves throughout your facility.

Integrated wireless sensors are ideal for component and product tracking when part of a total solution provided by Northern Apex.

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