Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Preparation

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Process Control

Critical Process Control

Reduce waste and human errors, while keeping production and profits flowing. Using Auto-ID we can help you track your product throughout the entire production process. From raw materials to finished goods, our...


Inventory and WIP

Streamline inventory time with Auto-ID technology. If hours, days or even weeks are spent conducting inventory of raw materials and finished goods, then Auto-ID will help. Tagged materials will expedite the inventory process and will reduce...


Proven Hardware and Components

We offer highly engineered, off-the-shelf and custom hardware and software solutions. We can custom design a product to meet your application or we can use our off-the-shelf products to give you the system that you need...

Focused Industry


Proven Solutions


Wood Products
Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets
Metal roll being picked up and moved by a crane

Tobacco Product Manufacturing

Accurate batch processing and product movement through the facility are imperative in the production of highly regulated tobacco products. As forklifts or other conveyances move between hopper and production line …

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Pharmaceutical Preparation

In Pharmaceutical Preparation, tracking samples, people, equipment/devices, chemicals, and compounds is a daunting task. This is where Northern Apex comes in; we have been working with auto-identification technologies since 1999...

RFID tags