Manufacturing - Increased Productivity and Success

We assist in making your solution cost effective by Understanding your ROI, tracking your product, tracking your process, tracking your shipments and reducing overall labor costs.

At Northern Apex we design, build and procure the best technologies to fit your requirements. Our goal is to make manufacturers more productive, competitive, and successful.

We provide a variety of technologies and help you choose between Barcode/Data Matrix, Biometrics, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or a hybrid approach using the right technology at the right points in your process. If utilizing Auto-ID/RFID technology to track materials through the production process without direct 'line of sight' or operator intervention is right for your application, Northern Apex can help. The Northern Apex approach gives you hands-free data collection, which allows for greater raw material, subassemblies, warehousing and distribution visibility. We look at your project and we deploy the technology and solution that makes sense. We realize the bottom line - the solution has to be cost-effective.

If you would like to view or download a sheet on the benefits of RFID in manufacturing, please click here

Process Control

Critical Process Control

Reduce waste and human errors, while keeping production and profits flowing. Using Auto-ID we can help you track your product throughout the entire production process. From raw materials to finished goods, our...


Inventory and WIP

Streamline inventory time with Auto-ID technology. If hours, days or even weeks are spent conducting inventory of raw materials and finished goods, then Auto-ID will help. Tagged materials will expedite the inventory process and will reduce...


Tool Track

In addition to our highly engineered, custom hardware and software solutions, Northern Apex offers our own standard manufactured products and software...


Proven Hardware and Components

We offer proven and fielded off-the-shelf, and custom hardware and software solutions. We can custom design a product to meet your application or we can use our off-the-shelf products to give you the system that you need...

Focused Industry


Proven Solutions


Fixed Assets
Metal roll being picked up and moved by a crane

Metal Storage and Manufacturing

If your company manufactures or stores metal products and you face location and shipping challenges then take a few minutes to learn more about our MetalTrack™ solution…

Product Packaging
Coats hanging on a retail store rack

Consumer Products

Northern Apex will help you manage the manufacturing of your products. Whether you are an OEM or a retail product manufacturer, your components can be automatically tracked throughout the entire manufacturing process...

Life Sciences