Personnel Tracking Software Title

The ultimate personnel tracking and mustering software product for all your safety, security and zone restriction requirements.

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Personnel Tracking Software System

Personnel Track Software

Our software package is fully developed and ready to go and the system can be tailored to your specific people tracking needs.

This System is Ideally Suited for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Hotels/Service Industry
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Nuclear Power Facilities
Personnel Tracking Diagram

The Personnel Tracking Solution Typically Includes:




Our proprietary software is ready to go without the expensive development costs.

  • Host Software
  • Software Licenses
  • Annual Software Support


Our suite of hardware will be positioned at strategically defined locations to capture all relevant data. Data capture points often include doorways, workstations and other defined zones.

RFID and Barcode Tags

Unique Identifiers for Personnel

Employees, contractors, suppliers and other facility visitors are assigned a unique identifier. Depending on your needs the identification technology deployed could be barcode, active or passive RFID, BLE Bluetooth Beacon technology, or biometric scanning.


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