Print and Apply Systems for Manufacturing, Shipping and Warehousing

Reduce Labor, Errors, and Eliminate Bottlenecks

Print and Apply Labeling is an excellent way to reduce labor, errors, and eliminate bottlenecks; the printer doesn‘t get sick or take breaks. The labeler can be inserted where you need it: managing inventory, shipping, warehousing, or even to track work-in-process.

The system can be used for both barcode applications as well as RFID. In some applications, the next label in queue provides serial identification as well as simple item identification. In other applications, more detailed information can be pulled from a database using a PC and written to the tags. Once applied, that information is married to the item and can be retrieved for item identification or process status checks throughout the facility. Employees can use handheld readers or the items can be tracked and identified automatically with the strategic placement of stationary antennas.

Northern Apex, as a complete system integrator, can supply the off-the-shelf or design and build the custom hardware and software needed for your specific application: handheld readers, stationary or mobile antennas, tags, software and more.

360a High-Speed Labeler

The CTM 360a HS Series Label Applicator is a rugged, versatile applicator loaded with standard features that are optional on most other applicators. The 360a HS Series Applicator can be configured as a blow on, merge or tamp applicator. Each module can also be easily switched from right to left hand dispensing mode. Each applicator is equipped with a 20“ non-powered unwind/powered rewind.

Stepper Motor

The 360a HS stepper drive will dispense labels at speeds ol 2100 inches/minute.


The 360a HS is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics featuring Dual Microprocessor control. One 32-bit processor supervises the application program while the digital signal processor (USP) supervises the motion loop resulting in faster response times and improved application accuracy. The 360a HS controller is also equipped with onboard I/O pre-wired to external connectors to accommodate the following:

Low Label Conditions

Labeling Speeds

360a high speed labeler


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