Automate the Capture of Essential Manufacturing Process Data.
Accurate, Real-Time Data, Allows for Immediate Action.

There is great value in accurate and timely manufacturing process data that allows you to control and understand the specific steps that materials or products undergo in the production process.

Northern Apex offers a significant value in controlling and understanding the specific steps and timing that materials or products undergo in the progression from initial incoming material to final product. The value of this information lies in a step by step, data-driven confirmation, that any product that could miss processes, not follow the exact specified steps, or go missing, doesn't. And that drives the return on investment in the form of assuring product quality, scrap reduction and reducing the time to process through a highly efficient and reliable automated means.


Work-In-Process (WIP)

  • Eliminates missed process steps or errors at each desired check point
  • Assures accuracy of identity, location and timing within an operation
  • Validates operator interaction and data integrity prior to leaving an operation
  • Significantly reduces waste through increased accuracy in locating and identifying scrap
  • Provides a traceable "data pedigree" of the key steps necessary to maintain quality, down to an individual product and serial number level.

Material Management

  • Confrims the addition of the correct components, ingredients, etc. in the process
  • Real-time tracking of materials gives you the ability to accurately forecast demands for raw materials and equipment
  • Ensure the right materials are in the right place at the right time
RFID and Barcode Tags

Cycle Count Inventory

  • Conduct highly accurate and rapid inventory
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Up-to-date inventory information is fed directly into your inventory management system
  • First-In, First-Out (FIFO) monitoring


With almost two decades of experience deploying Auto-ID solutions in the manufacturing environment, Northern Apex will analyze your needs and develop the best solution for your company. We look at your project and we deploy the technology and solution that provides the best return on investment. We realize the bottom line - the solution has to be cost effective!

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