Tool Track and Tool Saver Software

The ultimate safety and accountability solution for your in-house asset and tool tracking applications.

Bring a proven, established tool and asset tracking solution to your facility. The Northern Apex Tool and part tracking solution has met the Tracking, Safety and Accountability requirements in one of the most strictly regulated industries in the world — nuclear power.

“The real time screen monitoring of tools and the availability of several printable forms combined to provide the FME monitors with all the information they needed to control their work site.”

Lance Kittleson-FME Coordinator

“The time savings using the Northern Apex ToolTrack® system were dramatic!”

Charlie Brewer-FME Coordinator at Duke Oconee


The Standard Tool Tracking Solution Includes:

RFID and Barcode Tags


Our proprietary software is ready to go without the expensive development costs.

  • Host Software
  • Software Licenses
  • Annual Software Support


Our suite of hardware has been carefully designed to work together providing optimum performance.

  • 2 Port RFID Reader
  • RG 900 INT Reader
  • RG Radiant Wand
  • 10” Flat Panel Antenna
  • Carrying Case
RFID and Barcode Tags


100 tags are included in the price of the standard kit. Choose the tag that is right for your application and facility.

Not sure what tag you need? Our engineers will help you select the right tag for your application whether it's wood, metal, electronics or other material.

Contact us today to put this great system to work in your facility.

To download our Tool Track Literature Sheet please click here.


In addition to our kitted solution we regularly create custom solutions that incorporate Barcodes, Camera Imaging and RFID as needed to ensure the highest levels of accountability and traceability for your tools and other assets.

This same established Check-In/Check-Out solution can be adapted and customized for your facility and team.

The Northern Apex Tool Tracking Solution is ideally suited for

We have multiple systems already in use in these industries. Our state of the art tool tracking solution has been customized for a variety of other uses such as tool cribs and on-site armories. Each item is individually tagged, providing the ability to identify every item. Identify the exact item that has been returned to your tool crib or armory, instead of just knowing something has been placed back in a given location. The solution manages multiple issuance zones and tools from a variety of sources, as well as non-RFID enabled devices. No other system can match this technology. Our solution helps with safety, accountability, accurate record keeping, tool/weapon maintenance and shrinkage. Easily add contractor’s tools and non-tagged items to your system. Our cutting edge ToolTrack™ system is the ultimate safety and accountability solution for your in-house asset and tool tracking applications.

For additional information contact us or if you’re specifically interested in the nuclear power generation industry contact Alphasource or click here to visit their website.

Video Demos

RFID Tagged Tools - Check-In


RFID Tagged Tools - Check-In (User Interface)