Automated Warehouse and Distribution Solutions

Automated Identification (Auto-ID) applications can provide corporate information systems with the identity of each physical item in the supply chain in an automated and timely manner providing the perfect automated warehouse solution.


WMS Bolt-on for Directed Put Away and Location Accuracy

Directed Put Away and Location Accuracy allows for increased accuracy and efficiencies in the receiving process, reduced labor costs and reduced cycle times...


Order Accuracy and Load Sequence, ASN and Chargebacks

By RFID tagging your product or taking advantage of previously tagged products, you can verify each item in a box/case/pallet...

Stacks of plastic reusable pallets and crates

Returnable Transport Items and Other Returnable Assets

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) is a multi-trip packaging medium (pallets, totes, bins, and other containers) in which goods can be transported more than once between vendors and...


Proven Hardware and Components

We offer highly engineered, off-the-shelf and custom hardware and software solutions. We can custom design a product to meet your application or we can use our off-the-shelf products to give you the system that you need...

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Proven Solutions


Wood Products
Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets
Metal roll being picked up and moved by a crane


If your company manufactures or stores metal products, and you face location and shipping challenges then take a few minutes to learn more about our MetalTrack ™ …

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Consumer Products

Northern Apex will help you manage the manufacturing of your products. Whether you are an OEM or a retail product manufacturer, your components can be automatically tracked throughout the entire manufacturing process...

RFID tags
Life Sciences